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SchoolCare, in collaboration with India’s Top Insurance companies is now providing many Insurance facilities to the School, Staff and Parents of the Students.

  • EduIns- Student Education Insurance
  • Because a young life is to learn, and to live!

    As painful and tragic the final departure of a loved one is, it inadvertently fails to compete with the sorrow of it's short and long term repercussions. Never failing to shatter someone. This phenomenon often makes a person incapable of dealing with the future.
    SchoolCare curates “EduIns - Student Education Insurance” to deal with the future of a child, if the dependent passes away. EduIns will insure tuition fees by charging an annual premium and will pay the School Fee for the insured period to help the child continue his/her studies.

  • Staff Group Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance:

    Health insurance provides people with a much needed financial backup at times of medical emergencies. It’s a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly.

  • Group Health Insurance Benefits:
  • Common Benefits:
  • Option to choose Sum Insured*. (As per salary based)
  • *Sum insured is the maximum value for a year that EduIns can pay in case Insured is hospitalized.
  • Pre-existing Disease Covered
  • Insured will be covered from day one of Insurance.
  • No limit of age variation
  • No Medical Test required
  • No Room rent restrictions
  • Pre & post Hospitalization expenses are covered for 30/60 days
  • Day cares are covered
  • Ambulance charges payable upto 1% of the sum insured subject to max. Rs. 2000 per claim for insured’s transportation to the nearest hospital on physician advice.
  • Can add/remove. (As per date of joining and leave)
  • Additional Benefits: Maternity Benefit
  • Maternity benefit extension option also available.
  • You can choose a new born baby covered from day one.
  • Family Floater Policy:
  • Can choose 2+2+2 (Self, Spouse, Dependent 2 Children and Parents).
  • Other Benefits:
  • Corporate buffer option also available.
  • We can choose OPD covered.
  • Staff Group Accidental Insurance

    Accident insurance is insurance that provides compensation for accidental injury or death. Accident insurance covers death, dismemberment, loss of sight, loss of income, and medical expenses caused by accidental injury.

    School/Staff Motor Insurance

    Motor insurance is the insurance policy for vehicles of School and Staff. It could include Car Insurance and Two-Wheeler Insurance. Vehicles that are used for commercial purposes, like buses, are covered by Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

    School Building Insurance

    Building insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structure of your property. Garages, sheds and fences are also covered, as well as the cost of replacing items such as pipes, cables and drains. Buildings insurance usually covers loss or damage caused by: fire, explosion, storms, floods, earthquakes.

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